in cooperation with
is organizing international meeting:

Dear friends,
Next spring will be ideal time for all of us to gather again in ancient costal city Budva, exchange our thoughts and try to share information we have. Fresh sea air and endless water in front of congress hall probably will help our neuron activity to become even better resulting in successful meeting, what I do not have any doubts.

Far from rush, daily working activities and endless phone calls, maybe we have chance to hear each other much better.  The International MSRM meeting named “From gametes to offspring” is projected to be more interactive with possibility to ask and be asked, to give and receive advice and solve some dilemmas if you have some.

I hope you will find time and come. We will do our best to be good host like before.

Tatjana Motrenko Simić, MSRM International Meeting President

Local Organizing Committee

Meeting President

Tatjana Motrenko Simic

Committee Members:

Nebojša Čejović, Snežana Crnogorac, Andrijana Marković, Vojo Miketić, Željko Lazović


  • Fertility preservation
  • Reproductive endocrinology
  • Ovulation induction
  • From cell to embryo and early pregnancy
  • Embryology, Reproductive surgery
  • Male infertility
  • Andrology

Invited Speakers

  • Roy Farquharson, UK
  • Danilo Cimadomo, Italy
  • Veljko Vlaisavljevic, Slovenia
  • Gigoris Grimbisis, Greece
  • Dinka Pavicic Baldani, Croatia
  • Aleksandar Ljubic, Serbia
  • Tatjana Motrenko Simic, Montenegro
  • Nebojsa Radunovic, Serbia
  • Eliana Garalejic, Serbia
  • Snezana Vidakovic, Serbia
  • Sanja Sibincic Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Aris Antsaklis, Greece
  • Andrijana Markovic, Montenegro
  • Basak Balaban, Turkey
  • Antonios Makrigiannakis, Greece
  • Anis Feki, Switzerland
  • Luca Gianaroli, Italy
  • Borut Kovacic, Slovenia
  • Vladislav Korsak, Russia
  • Timur Gurgan, Turkey
  • Ioannis Messinis, Greece
  • Catello Scarica, Italy
  • Maurizio Datillo, Italy
  • Eda Vrtacnik Bokal, Slovenia
  • Vesna Kopitovic, Serbia
  • Slobodan Lazarevski, FYR Macedonia
  • Orion Gliozheni, Albania
  • Zoranco Petanovski, FYR Macedonia
  • Dejan Ljiljak, Croatia
  • Olivera Kontic Vucinic, Serbia
  • Apostolos Athanasiadis, Greece
  • Ratko Matijevic, Croatia

Embryology Session

  • Basak Balaban – Turkey
  • Danilo Cimadomo – Italy
  • Borut Kovacic –  Slovenia
  • Andrijana Markovic – Montenegro
  • Dejan Ljiljak – Croatia

Oocyte Cryopreservation Workshop

Theoretical part:

  • Basic of oocyte cryobyology
  • Consensus on cryo KPIs and benchmarks
  • Oocyte cryopreservation: consistent and predictable laboratory and clinical outcome are now available
  • Indication for oocyte cryostorage: donation, banking and social freezing

Practical part:

  • Microscopes, media, strews, freezed oocytes and all necessary equipment are provided.
  • Each participant will have chance and enough time to work starting first with oocytes towing and later with freezing. Work will be surveyed and instructed by lecturers.
  • Schedule for practical work will be published before workshop start.
    Number of places for workshop is limited.


Budva, Montenegro

Hotel Bellevue Iberostar

Hotel is on all-inclusive base

Official Language

Official language is English with simultaneous translation to Serbian.


Workshop: 20. April 2017. 13:00 – 18:30
Conference: 21. April 2017. 09:00 – 18:00
22. April 2017. 09:00 – 15:00

20.04.2017 Thursday
MSRM SIG embryology, Coordinator Laura Rienzi
13:00-18:30 Work shop oocyte freezing with hands on training
Hands-on training, Tutors Scarica Catello, Cimadomo Danilo, Basak Balaban
Theoretical part
Consensus on cryo KPIs and benchmark, Basak Balaban
Basics of oocyte vitrification – tips and tricks, Catello Scarica
Oocyte towing – Catello Scarica
Safety and efficacy of oocyte cryopreservation, Catello Scarica
Hands on training will be in groups of 3 embryologists per one microscope and one tutor, with possibility
that each participant do procedure of towing and freezing oocytes under tutors’ supervision.
Hands on training available Friday also 09.00-12.00
19:00 Opening Ceremony & Coctails
21.04.2017 Friday
08:00-09:00 Registration
09:00-18:00 Poster Presentation
09:00-11:00 BACK TO THE ROOTS
Moderators: Tatjana Motrenko, Antonios Makrigiannakis
09:00-09:20 Ioannis Messinis, Greece: GnSAF control of LH secretion in normal menstrual cycle implication for COH
09:20-09:40 Maurizio Datillo, Italy: Can we help gametes before we pick them up – role of methylation
09.40–10.00 Timur Gurgan, Turkey: PCO and IVF – last strategies in treatment
10.00–10.20 Zoranco Petanovski, FYR Macedonia: Obesity and ART
10.20–10.40 Sanja Sibincic Bosnia and Herzegovina: Endocrine disorders and ART
10.40–11.00 Slobodan Lazarevski, FYR Macedonia: Ever last dilemma – modalities for poor responders stimulation
11.00 – 11.30 Coffee Break
Moderators: Ioannis Messinis, Timur Gurgan
11.30–11.50 Roy Farquharson, UK: Recurrent pregnancy loss – where we are now and what is evidence based therapy
11.50 – 12.10 Borut Kovacic, Slovenia: Overuse of ICSI – do we help or harm?
12.10–12.30 Anis Feki, Switzerland: Fertility preservation for ovarian tissue – who and how
12.30–12.50 Snezana Vidakovic, Serbia: Freeze all – fashion or solution
12.50–13.10 Dinka Pavicic Baldani, Croatia: Adjuvant therapy in IVF – help or marketing
13.15–13.45 Sponsored lecture – Roche Diagnostics: Elijana Garalejić “Anti-Mullerian hormon – Klinički značaj i performance testa”
13.45–14.30 Lunch Break
Moderator: Eliana Garalejic
14.30–14.50 Pro – Antonios Makrigiannakis
14.50–15.10 Contra – Veljko Vlaisavljevic
15.10–15.30 Discussion and conclusion
15.30–16.00 Coffee Break
16.00–17.00 HYSTEROSCOPY BEFORE IVF -in light of recent RCT – Pro and contra
Moderator: Vesna Kopitovic
16.00–16.20 Pro – Tatjana Motrenko Simić
16.20–16.40 Contra – Grigoris Grimbizis
16.40–17.00 Discussion
Moderators: Borut Kovacic, Basak Balaban
14.30–14.50 Lela Šurlan, Serbia: Dynamics of mitochondria population in embryos of various quality
14.50–15.10 Danilo Cimadomo, Italy: Traceability of IVF
15.10–15.30 Borut Kovacic: Can organization of IVF lab increase success rate
15.30–16.00 Coffee Break
Moderators: Lela Surlan, Basak Balaban
16.00–16.20 Dejan Ljiljak, Croatia Sperm selection and activation
16.20–16.40 Andrijana Markovic Jovanovic, Montenegro: How to choose sperm preparation method for IUI
16:40-17.00 Basak Balaban, Turkey : Consensus on professional status of the clinical embryologist
17:00-18:00 ORAL presentation
Moderators Snezana Crnogorac, Nebojsa Cejovic
17:00-17.20 Helena Ban Frangez: Spontaneous pregnancy rates after reproductive surgery
17:20-17.40 Artur Bjelica: Prvi preliminarni rezultati programa ocuvanja plodnosti kod obolelih kod malignih bolesti na teritoriji AP Vojvodine
17:40-18.00 Aleksandra Trninic Pjevic: Poredjenje rezultata preimplantacionog genetskog skrininga na osmocelijskim embrionima I blastocistama
20:00-23:00 Gala dinner
22.04.2017 Saturday
Svetlana Balac: Infertilitet I histeroskopija na primarnom nivou
Zafer Gashi: Relationship between genotype variants Follicle-stimulating hormone receptor gene polymorphisms (FSHR) and morphology of oocytes prior to ICSI procedures
Zdenka Koturovic : Uloga histeroskopije u dijagnozi i tretmanu uterine patologije- prikaz našeg iskustva
Martin Stimpfel: Vitrification improves the survival rate of embryos, although it does not the pregnancy rate
Jelena Micic: Znacaj testova ovarijalne rezerve u predikciji ishoda asistirane reprodukcije
Dragana Vukicevic-Vukic: Uspješnost IVF tretmana kod pacijenata sa biopsijom testisa ( TESE)
Aleksandra Vuksanovic Bozaric: Uterus duplex sa atrezijom spoljasnjeg ostijuma jednog cerviklanog kanala u maloj karlici
09.00–09.20 Basak Balaban, Turkey: Utilization of time-lapse technology in the IVF lab. pitfalls and benefits
09.20–09.40 Aleksandar Ljubic, Serbia: Ovarian rejuvenation – stem cell therapy: is there any hope
09.40-10.00 Danilo Cimadomo, Italy: PGS/PGD – genetics for all?
10.00–10.20 Luca Gianaroli, Italy:New way for embryo biopsy
10.30–11.00 Coffee Break
Moderators Aleksandar Ljubic, Dinka Pavicic Baldani
11.00–11.20 Roy Farquharson, UK: Thrombophilia and IVF pregnancy
11.20–11.40 Eda Vrtacnik Bokal, Slovenia: Cumulative life birth rate after fresh and frozen ET – how many oocytes we need for ideal scenario
11.40–12.00 Vladislav Korsak, Russia: Surrogacy – practical and legal obstacles
12.00–12.20 Orion Gliozheni, Albania: How we can measure the IVF success
12.30–12.45 Sponsored lecture – Bio Save Group: dr Aleksandar Antovic “Harmony test – nova era prenatalnog testiranja
12.45–13.00 Sponsored lecture – Innotech Laboratories: Enisa Zarić “Prevencija i lečenje sideropenijske anemije u trudnoći”
12:20-14:00 HOW TO REACH GOAL – OBSTETRICAL POINT OF VIEW – in cooperation with SEESPM
Moderators Aris Antsaklis, Voislav Miketić
13.00–13.20 Olivera Kontic Vucinic, Serbia: Perinatology aspect of IVF pregnancy
13.20–13.40 Aris Antsaklis, Greece: ART and Reproduction, How many is too many?
13.40–14.00 Nebojsa Radunovic, Serbia: US in first trimester pregnancy – what we have to see
14.00–14.20 Ratko Matijevic, Croatia: Maternal responsibility for ongoing pregnancy
14.30-15.00 Closing remarks

Call for Abstracts:

Participants are invited to submit abstract ONLINE

Deadline for abstracts is 20.03.2017.

Oral and poster presentation will be available. Information about acceptance will be available up to 25.03.2017.


ASTAKOS Travel & Events is official Event agency.You can download registration form HERE.


ASTAKOS Travel Club

  • Jadranski put 16, 85310 Budva, Montenegro
  • Tel: +382-33-452-258, Fax: +382-33-452-852
  • E-mail:


  • Kumanovska 2, 11000 Beograd, Serbia
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Registration fee Before 01.03.2017. Until 18.04.2017. On site
Full delegate 130 € 150 € 200 €
Trainee 80 € 100 € 120 €
Work shop & main program 250 € 270 € 300 €
Work shop:
Oocyte freezing with hand on training
150 €
Number of participants limited for work shop
Supplement for guests staying out of Iberostar hotel and sponsors 60 € 

Registration Fee Includes:

  • Attendance to all scientific sessions
  • Delegate pack (congress badge, congress bag, and all congress printed materials including book or CD of abstracts)
  • 4 coffee breaks, 2 light – sandwich lunch, gala dinner, certificate of attendance.

Registration Fee for Workshop Includes:

Lectures and practical training, 2 coffee breaks, lunch break certificate


Meeting accreditation is under process and will be accredited by Montenegro Medical Chamber

Meeting Organizer

Montenegro Society for Human Reproduction

In cooperation with

Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine


Symposium organizers have booked sufficient number of rooms in hotel Iberostar, which is located in attractive tourist place Becici, 2 km from Budva and 5 km from St. Stefan.

Distance from Becici to the Tivat airport is 23 km, Podgorica airport 60 km, while the port and railway station are situated in Bar, 40 km away.


  • Single room 55 EUR
  • Double room 80 EUR
  • Prices are per room per day “All inclusive”
  • For all others that are not guests in hotel Iberostar, supplement is 60 € (includes 4 coffee breaks, 2 lunch breaks and Gala dinner).

Sponsorship and Exibition

A commercial exhibition of technical equipment, instruments and pharmaceutical products will take place and will be open throughout the whole course of the Meeting.

For more information on the exhibition and on sponsorship opportunities, please contact ASTAKOS.